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You're so smart.

This is like, the coolest place to learn.

Buyer Basics

Don't sweat it. We all have to start somewhere. And this is your beginning of something amazing.

Season 1

Intro Video

Josh debuts on YouTube with an intro video.

Coming Soon Neon Light

Should I Buy New or Used?

Pros and Cons with both options. But which one is right for you?

What is Real Estate?

Josh tackles an age old term with a little etymology and a bit of Josh-isms.

Do I Need An Agent?

Josh and Guest dive in deeper waters to sift for the right perspective.

What's a Mortgage & How to Get One?

Josh and Eric Wommack explain where this term came from and how to acquire one.

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When Should I Buy?

Timing is everything isn't it? Or is it the thought that counts? Or is it location, location, location? I give up. Just tell me!

Buyer Basics 2.0

Alright, so maybe you are smarter than a fifth grader. But I bet you can't say "location" three times fast!

Season 2

Buyer Training Coming Soon

How Do I Save For A Downpayment?

Josh explains building your four walls and budgeting to reap massive rewards.

Buyer Training Coming Soon

How Much Can I Afford?

Josh share a quick formula to help you know your buying power.

Buyer Training Coming Soon

Can I Get A Loan Without A Social?

Josh and Guest explore a unique way for our immigrants to live the American Dream.

Buyer Training Coming Soon

Location, Location, Location

Josh repeats himself three times...maybe more.

Buyer Training Coming Soon

How Do Credit Scores Work?

Josh and Guest talk credit scores and easy ways you can get/keep yours great.

Buyer Training Coming Soon

Surprise Season Finale

"This is gonna be good, I can tell." 


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Josh Waggoner RE3 Real Estate in 3 Minutes

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